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Family owned and operated, Hansen Funeral Home is located in Janesville, WI, in Rock County. Continuing a family tradition started in 1939, we are committed to providing considerate and compassionate care to each family we assist. We know the importance of family and are thankful for the trust many have placed in us over the years.

Understanding that specific needs can be different for each family, we will provide you with a wide range of choices and service options. We realize the significance of a personalized funeral service and are dedicated to respecting your wishes as we help you arrange a ceremony that will reflect and honor your loved one's life.

We are available 24 hours a day and consider it a privilege to be called upon to assist you. We will strive to meet all expectations of your family, so contact us any time, whether you are in need of traditional services, direct burials, cremations or would simply like to learn more about preplanning programs.

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Hansen Funeral Home in Janesville
Hansen Funeral Home in Janesville, WI

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